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Address: 47, Liuchiao E. Rd., Puhsin, Changhua Hsien, Taiwan 513

Tel: 886-4-832-2471

Fax: 886-4-834-2822

Email: kayton@ms22.hinet.net

Website: www.tire-machine.com.tw

Products & services:
Tiremaking Machinery, Hydraulic Curing Machine, Fully Automatic Batch-Off Machine, Duples Extruder, Drum Tester, Pin Type Cold Feed Exturder, Automatic Tire Curing Machine, Redial Tire and Bias Tire, Drum Tester for MC, Triplex Pin Barrel Extruder, Pin Barrel Extruder, Duplex Pin Barrel Extruder, Triplex extruder, Straining extruder, Calendering head extruder, Radial tire hydraulic, Radial tire hydraulic curing machine, Bias cutter (Auto splicing type), Tire drum testing machine, Hydraulic Tire Curing Machine, Automatic Hydraulic Tire Curing Machine, Pin Barrel Cold Feed Extruder, Rubber Sheet Calendering Head Extruder with Down Stream Train, Tire Tread/Side-wall Cooling, Bias Cutter for Ply Cords with Auto Splicer & Winder, Tire Drum Testing Machine, Digital Bead Wire Length Measuring Machine

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