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This section contains reports about hardware products and suppliers, giving international buyers information on outstanding brands and products including watercraft safety equipment, bathroom fittings, furniture and building hardware, household hardware, hand tools, plastic parts, metal parts, and fasteners. Users of this APP can place orders immediately or browse for more information by connecting directly to the websites of suppliers.
Kae Dih Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Electric random orbital sanders, professional vacuum cleaners, centralized vacuum cleaner systems, industrial vacuum cleaners

Founded in 1983, Kae Dih Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an ISO 9001-certified developer and manufacturer of wet/dry vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, dedicated vacuum cleaners and electric random orbital sanders.

After gaining solid foothold in the global vacuum-cleaner market, KaeDih tapped its strong R&D capability to successfully diversify its extensive catalog into high-end electric sander business, with the sanders marketed under its More...
Ningbo Mammoth Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
Hose nozzles, hose connectors, hose guides, spray guns, sprinklers

The China-based Ningbo Mammoth Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a specialized developer and manufacturer of hardware and accessories mainly for gardening, with a factory each in China and Taiwan.

The company’s product lineup covers a full range of watering or irrigation products, including hose nozzles, hose connectors, hose hangers, stationary sprinklers, hose repair kits, floral-shaped hose guides, rain gauges with holders, spray guns, plastic More...
Hans Tool Industrial Co., Ltd.
Socket wrenches, wrenches, spanners, adjustable wrenches, cutting pliers and socket wrench sets, screwdrivers, etc.

Hans Tool Industrial Co., Ltd. is a famous world-class manufacturer of a full range of hand tools for professional and industrial use, having maintained a leading position in its field in Taiwan and enjoyed excellent reputation in global markets since its founding in 1973.
Hans Tool is in a position to provide customers with solid and heavy-duty tools at very competitive prices. With over 40 years of manufacturing experience in Taiwan, the comp More...
Special Rivets Corp.
Blind rivets, riveting tools, riveters, rivet gun, pneumatic riveters, blind nuts, rivet nut, rivet nut tool, etc.

Ever since its establishment in 1983, Special Rivets Corp., also known as the SRC Group, has been making blind rivets and riveters. Based in central Taiwan’s Taichung City, the company takes pride in its ISO 9001: 2008-certified factories in Shanghai and Jiashan, China, which are equipped with complete sets of advanced production and quality inspection equipment imported from Japan and Germany.

With a focus on R&D and a reputation for quality More...
Fong Perng International Corp.
Chain and rope accessories, pet products, dog harnesses, horse equipment, hardware

Fong Perng International Corp. is a leading Taiwan manufacturer and exporter of chain and rope accessories, pet products, and horse equipment.

The company supplies a wide variety of snaps, hooks, buckles, rings, and clips, as well as pet leashes, collars, harnesses, dog muzzles, horse halters, girths, and rugs with steel, stainless-steel, plastic, solid brass, malleable iron, zinc and aluminum-alloy parts that are stamped, die-cast, sand-cast, More...
Lun-Yuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Crimpers, wire/cable cutters, strippers, punches, engine pumps, and fish tapes

Lun-Yun Enterprise Co., set up in 1979 in central Taiwan, sells electrician’s tools worldwide under its own “OPT” brand, which it claims has become the first choice of buyers everywhere.

The company produces a wide variety of hand tools including manual, hydraulic, and battery-powered crimpers, wire/cable cutters, strippers, electric hydraulic punches, hydraulic knockout punches, hydraulic engine pumps, and fish tapes, 80% of which are export More...
Tsai Hsing Fa Co., Ltd.
Auto repair tools, AM service kits, impact wrenches, air screwdrivers, ratchet wrenches , marine tools

Established in 1994, Tsai Hsing Fa Co., Ltd. is dedicated to making and exporting repair tools mainly for automobiles as an ISO-9001-certified supplier in Taiwan, with an own brand SK.

Inspired by real-world market experience, the veteran manufacturer has consistently improved manufacturing technologies and products according to end-users’ needs of truly useful tools and tool sets, to help customers achieve bigger market shares with wide prod More...
Chia Cheng World Industrial Co., Ltd.
Washroom accessories, bathroom accessories, soap dispensers, toilet tissue paper dispensers, toilet partitions, bathroom safety products

Established in 1965, Chia Cheng World Industrial Co., Ltd. is today one of Taiwan's leading makers of metal washroom accessories, bathroom fittings, kitchen racks, and toilet partitions for use in hotels, commercial buildings, and public facilities and establishments.

With a consummate production capability and abundant metalworking know-how, the company has established a solid reputation as an OEM or ODM supplier of a variety of high-caliber More...
Wise Center Industrial Group Inc.
Planet Gear series cutting tools, Gardening tools as pruners, lapping shears, ladders, die-cast products

Founded in 1991 in Taiwan’s central metropolis of Taichung, Wise Center Industrial Group Inc. has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing gardening tools, being globally recognized as a reliable supplier of its kind in the global market.

The company mainly supplies lopping shears, hedge shears, pruners, grass shears, tree pole pruners, water-pipe shears, branch pruners, saws and PVC pipe cutters, as well as conventional and foldable lad More...
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