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Address: No. 100, Alley 371, Lane 942, Tawan Rd., Yungkang Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan 710

Tel: 886-6-205-5155, 205-5355

Fax: 886-6-271-6310, 272-0985

Email: geniusc.com@msa.hinet.net

Website: www.genius.com.tw

Products & services:
Sine Wave Power Inverter, Switching Battery Charger, DC to DC Converter, Fully Automatic Power Inverter & Battery Charger, Fully Automatic DC-AC Inverter & Battery Charger, DC-AC Power Inverter, AC Automatic Voltage Regulator, AC Automatic Voltage Regulato, DC to AC Power Inverter, Circuity Inverter, Pure Sine-Wave Power Inverter, Regulator, Voltage Regulators, Car Accessories, PC-DC Converter, AC & DC Power Supply, Switching Power Supply

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