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Address: No. 133, Chiukang Lane, Lukang Town, Changhua County, Taiwan 505

Tel: 886-4-777-3339

Fax: 886-4-778-8129

Email: jiinhaur@jiinhaur.com.tw

Website: www.jiinhaur.com.tw

Products & services:
Professional Pruning Shears, Garden Tools, Pruning Shears, Flouer Shears, Cordless Screwdriver, Garden Shears, Pruning Saws, Edgers, Pruners, Telescopic Loppers, Shears, Cordless Scredriver, Hedge Shears, Aluminum Pruning Shear, Drop Forged by-pass Pruners, Fruit Shears, Functional Scissors, Garden Accessories, Garden Shear Pouches, Iron Handle Pruning Shears, Ratchet Pruning Shears, Grafting Knives, Grass Shears, Long Reach Pruners, Ring Knives, Forged Pruning Shears, Garden Tools with Brand Name: PRAISE, LED-Built Walking Sticks, Vanity Mirror Set With Heavy-Duty Suction Cup, Swing-Arm Hanger Racks With Suction Caps, Adjustable Showerhead Wall Bracket With Suction Cup, Hooks With Heavy Duty Suction Cup

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