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Address: No. 6, Wenming 1st St., Gueishan Township, Taoyuan County, Taiwan 333

Tel: 886-3-397-9788

Fax: 886-3-397-9799

Email: youngshang@yahoo.com

Website: www.youngshang.com.tw

Products & services:
Plastic Tableware, PET / PVC / PS Plastic Container, PET Plastic Jar, PET Plastic Bottle, PET Jar, PET Bottle, Narrow Neck Bottle, Aluminum / Plastic Easy Open Can PET, Water Dispenser, Water Dispenser Tripod, Semi - Auto Double Seaming Machine, Bottle & Jars Series, Plastic Jars and Narrow Neck Bottles Specification, Plastic Liquid Container, Plastic Oil Container, Plastic Food Container, Plastic Medicine Container, Other Substance Plastic Container, Aluminum Easy Open Ends - PET Blow Molds and Injection Molds, Plastic Mold (Aluminum / Plastic Easy Open Cans Series), PET Preform / Container Closures, Overview - PET / PVC / PS Containers

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