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Ching Mars Corp.


Low-profile LED bar lamps, strobe lights, signal lights, warning lights, and traffic batons

Ching Mars Corp. was established in 1985 and is today an ISO-9001-certificated manufacturer of warning and multi-purpose strobe lights, mainly for automobile use.

Among the company’s best-sellers is its low-profile LED bar lamp series, available in single or double-sided models, made with 1W LED bulbs in a choice of amber, red, blue, green, and white light colors and with eight different flash patterns. Featuring extruded aluminum housings and polycarbonate lenses, the lamps are durable and carry SAE and CE certifications. They are ideal for use in vehicles, inventory management, mining, and construction, as well as other purposes.

Its LED rotating beacons are the company’s pride. With voltages ranging from 12V to 40V DC, they employ 1W or 2W LED bulbs and have a flash rate of 120 cycles per minute. These beacons have no moving parts—their most outstanding feature—making them easier to maintain and more functionally stable than competing models in the market. They all meet CE and SAE standards.

Rotating lights are also among Ching Mars’ top products. Models in the CHS series, for example, emit light at a flash frequency of 130 cycles per minute and have domes that come in amber, blue, or red. The series uses 35W, 50W, or 60W bulbs.

The company’s product portfolio also includes a variety of auto auxiliary lights, including LED warning lights, LED bar lamps, signal lights, LED strobe lights, emergency lights, AC strobes, security strobes, revolving lights, and JSPS strobe lights, as well as motor sirens, megaphones, back-up alarms, traffic batons, and power window switches. The company welcomes OEM orders.

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