Auto Parts

Tair Wang Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Car door handles, hub caps, license frames, zinc alloy products, die castings

Tair Wang Enterprise Co. has been dedicated to making zinc and aluminum alloy die castings ever since its inception in 1978, making it one of Taiwan’s veterans in its line.

With more than three decades of experience, Tair Wang produces a wide range of zinc and aluminum alloy die casting products, including hub adaptors, hub caps, shift knobs, car door handles, license frames, water necks, pedal pads, wheel spacers, window cranks, door knobs, and scrip trim, mainly for use in houses, cars, and motorcycles. The company also supplies parts and components for agricultural machines, lifts, and hand tools.

The firm currently exports 95% of its output, some for use on Harley-Davidson motorcycles and Rotary Lift’s products, giving it a high global profile.

Tair Wang’s achievements are attributable partly to its strong production capability, which is driven by a solid line of periodically calibrated manufacturing equipment including zinc die casting machines with capacities ranging from 80 to 300 metric tons and hydraulic punching machines. Well-seasoned know-how also contributes considerably to the company’s success.

A consistent commitment to quality helps the company to set the tone for its competition. Using precision inspection instruments such as video measuring microscopes, a salt spray (CASS) tester, and an A&B thickness tester in its QC lab, the company carries out stringent quality control measures throughout the whole production process. One result of such efforts is Tair Wang’s TSO-TS16949 certification.

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