Jin Jye Machinery Co., Ltd.


Vertical injection molding machines

Jin Jye Machinery Co., founded in 1977 in northern Taiwan, is a specialist manufacturer of vertical injection molding machines and peripheral equipment.

The company’s major products are vertical injection molding machines, CNC plastic injection molding machines, vertical injection molding machines, and vertical plastic and bakelite injection molding machines for thermoplastic and thermoset products.

One of the company’s most popular items is the JTV-250SCD-2S 250-ton dual-sliding-table two-color injection molding machine, which features a clamping force of 250 tons, an opening force of 15 tons, and an injection pressure of 2211kgs per square centimeter.

The company has accumulated an abundant store of experience in developing, designing, and producing molding machines that offer a high degree of precision, efficiency, and stability along with convenient maintenance.

The control system adopted by Jin Jye features vertical mold clamping, horizontal injection, an advanced industrial computer control system provided by a PLC (programmable logic control) device, and a safety door device.

Jin Jye not only designs and manufactures injection molding machines in accordance with designated specifications, but is also competent in programming, designing, and installing peripheral equipment for injection machines as required by customers.

The company has won a considerable share of the market in Taiwan, and has established several branches, factories, and offices for distribution and after-sale services in Guangdong Province, China as well as Taiwan.

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