Richyoung Machine Tool Co., Ltd.


CNC teach-in lathes, milling machines, machining centers, tapping centers

With 35 years of experience in the machine-tool business and a decade of effort in developing sophisticated machine tools, Richyoung Machine Tool Co. has become a professional manufacturer of CNC (computerized numerically controlled) teach-in lathes.

The company has extended its product line from the original lathes to include milling machines, machining centers, tapping centers, drilling machines, grinding machines, all kids of sawing machines, electric discharge machines, metalworking machines, plastic injection molding machines, woodworking machines, machine-tool accessories, and air tools.

Richyoung is known for offering outstanding services and helping customers deal with technical problems. Its after-sales services include rapid response to technical problems as well as the quick delivery of spare parts.

The company also offers efficient shipment consolidation services. This means that it can consolidate all the machines, parts, and accessories produced by different manufacturers in one batch shipment to help customers resolve trivial shipment problems.

To ensure the high quality of its products and services, Richyoung insists on testing and inspecting every machine before it is shipped. If necessity, the company will take a video of its machines after they are inspected and send it to customers via e-mail or CD-ROM.

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