You Ji Machine Industrial Co., Ltd.


CNC lathes, machining centers, floor-type horizontal boring and milling machines

Ever since its founding three decades ago, the You Ji Machine Industrial Co. has dedicated itself to the development of a wide range of machines that are marketed throughout the world under its own ‘You Ji’ brand.

The company’s major products include vertical and horizontal lathes, vertical and horizontal machining centers, floor-type horizontal boring and milling machines, and other types of machines. You Ji claims that it has become Taiwan’s No. 1 brand in the field of vertical lathes, and that its lathes have penetrated such advanced markets as Japan and the European Union. It has developed a complete range of vertical lathes with chuck diameters ranging from 200mm to 8,000mm.

In the design process for its horizontal floor-type boring and milling machines, You Ji cooperated with the Headtec Co. of Germany to develop the spindle headstock, integrating German high-tech and high-precision manufacturing technologies to improve machine rigidness and machining accuracy. The company has also worked with Siemens of Germany, using Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis to optimize the structure and control system of the floor-type boring and milling machines.

You Ji has invested NT$1 billion to boost production capacity in mainland China. At the beginning of this year, the company completed construction of three factories totaling 9,000 pings in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. The new factories have commenced production.

This expansion of production will enable You Ji to extend its customer base from the metal parts industries to include the green energy, aerospace, ship-building, automobile, heavy-duty metal-cutting machinery, mining, and construction industries in the years to come.


The company has inaugurated its new plant, occupying land area of 15.5 hectares and located in Luchu Dist. Of Kaohsiung City, to develop and produce high-precision machine tools.

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