Auto Parts

King Ho Shing Brass Forged Co., Ltd.


Brass valves, gears, forgings, castings, OEM parts, auto parts

Since its inception in 1966, King Ho Shing Brass Forged Co., Ltd. has been engaged in brass casting with a 5000-square-meter manufacturing factory in Taiwan.

The veteran maker has consistently done research and studies to improve its manufacturing capabilities and efficiency, while introducing computerized technologies, such as CAD and CAM, to upgrade its R&D capability. The efforts have set the company apart from its peers.

The company’s product range covers industrial parts, bathroom fittings, auto parts, fire-fighting equipment parts, electric terminals, brass-alloy parts, aluminum-alloy parts, gears, forgings and castings of various metals.

Also, the company is versed in tooling, CNC machining, sand blasting, polishing, painting, plating and related metalworking skills, capable of OEM and customized manufacturing.

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