Our company was established in 1972 in Tainan City, southern Taiwan.

Chi Chang has had more than 42 years of experience in manufacturing plastic extrusion machines. We have exported many extrusion lines since 1980 to the world markets, such as England, Germany, France, Poland, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Australia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Egypt, South Africa, Russia, China, Japan, India, Malaysia , Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines… etc.

We specialize in producing a wide range of plastic extrusion machinery at a TUV ISO 9001-certified plant.

Our products include:

--Plastic sheet extrusion machine, like PP/PE/PS/PC/ABS/PET….etc.

--PP/PC hollow profile sheet making machine

--PE air-bubble film making machine, two layers, three layers and multi-layers of air-bubble film

--PS/PE/XPS foam sheet extrusion line

--CPP/CPE film extrusion line

--Cast PE Breathable film extrusion lines

--And some customized extrusion systems according to your request.

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