Safeway Machinery Industry Corp.


Precision vises and accessories, CNC machine –tool vises, and NC index plates

The Safeway Machinery Industry Corp. was set up in 1985 as a precision vise and accessory maker that does its best to supply high-quality, high-precision products to buyers all over the world. With a constant focus on the development of innovative vises for a variety of industries, the company has built a solid reputation for making CNC models that meet international standards.

The firm’s vises come in mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, power, double-lock, auto-self-centering, and compact models covering full range of specifications for conventional milling machines, CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers, and drills. The product catalog encompasses everything from flexible, multiple-function vises for sub-40mm workpieces to vises with openings of up to 1,100mm for use with double-column milling machines.

To fill the demand for precision vises, Safeway Machinery began developing NC index plates in 2006 and launched them three years later at TIMTOS (the Taipei International Machine Tool Show). The SRT-170, 217, 256, and 322 models come with turntable, manual, pneumatic, and hydraulic tailstocks. Index plates for flexible multiple-function vises are the best sellers.

In addition to the products mentioned above, the company also supplies drill grinders, machine-tool precision sub tables, and precision jig blocks. The drill grinders are compact and user-friendly, with single and double emery wheels for 3mm~30mm work; the machine-tool precision sub tables come in standard or made-to-order specifications, with precision jig blocks ranging from two-sided to octagonal.

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