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Unique Lite Industry Co., Ltd.


Strobe lights, warning lights, LED light bars, backup alarms

Unique Lite Industry Co., Ltd. excels in producing a variety of warning lights, including multi-voltage strobe lights, LED strobe lights, high-power LED lights, mini LED light bars, mini rotating light bars, revolving beacon and backup alarms.

Our company’s warning lights are primed for engineering vehicles, special-purpose vehicles, forklifts, and the like. We operate a strong R&D team to handle the development of new products, which hit stores with its “SIFCO” brand name and have approval of CE and e mark.

Though our company was founded in 1996, its founder has been in the industry for over 20 years. We have our production lines and facilities in Taiwan and all our products are genuinely made in Taiwan. The quality of our products is consistent and reliable. We also assure our customers with prompt and punctual shipment delivery .

Unique Lite is readily embracing for deals from first-time buyers while maintaining established partnership with existing buyers. Buyers are assured of an average lead time of 30 days.

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