Fasteners, screw, rivet, and nail-making machineries

KONFU Enterprise specializes in fastener production, and has gained ample know-how in

materials, machines, forming tools, production, and finishing through cooperating with many

domestic manufacturers. The company provides various screw, rivet, and nail-making machines

from low-priced options to advanced 5-station and 6-station bolt formers. Their featured products

include high speed heading machines and the automatic thread rolling machine.

Founded in 1975, the company’s fastener forming-tool factory is equipped with a French-made

vacuum heat-treatment furnace and galvanizing equipment to produce high-quality punches, pins,

thread rolling dies, and tungsten carbide dies. KONFU is experienced in working closely with their

customers, as they build fastener forming tools based on the clients’ provided drawings.

KONFU is particularly known for their excellent quality control system, passion for improving

product quality, and multi-lingual staffers, which has helped the company gain a solid reputation

in almost 60 economies including Japan and Europe, Russia, Africa and North and South


Backed with comprehensive experiences from sourcing and treating wire rods to after-treatment,

KONFU is always eager to supply technological assistance to customers.

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