Hiwin Technologies Corp.


Ballscrew, Linear Bearing, Linear Guideway, Linear Actuator, Aerospace Parts, Intelligent Linear Guideway, Motor Driver, Magi-Encoder, Linear Motor System

In 2020, Hiwin was awarded as a top ten Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award, while in the previous year, the company's Cool Type III ballscrew received the Outstanding Award of the Statistics Monitoring Machine Tool Key Components Category at the 2019 14th Annual Machine Tools “R&D Innovative Products” Competition. Affiliated Hiwin Mikrosystem's CRE Absolute Direct Drive Motor TMY65D also won an award under the same category.

The Cool Type III ballscrew is different from traditional independent cooling designs, as it uses the most optimal channel size and position design, and one-way channel design, to avoid rerouting the coolant liquid and leading to low flow rate. This design helps improve the cooling effect. Together with Hiwin-developed intelligent ballscrew module, engineers can diagnose the ballscrew lifespan and temperature, and connect it to the cooling pump. Testing the application has shown that it can precisely control the temperature deviation in ±0.3º, improving processing precision for components, quality, and boosting yield.

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