Chun Tai Machinery Industries Co., Ltd.


Plastic granulators Plastic sheet making machine

Chun Tai was established in June of 1970. With more that 44 years experience specializing in recycling equipment such as plastic granulators and plastic sheet making machine CHUN TAI insists on building top quality machines and products that will raise customers’ competitiveness.

Our professional manufacturing technology produces machines to meet client specifications. We employ well seasoned veteran designers, and combined with continual R&D the result is steady flow of new models with higher production efficiency.

We are committed to reducing costs for our clients while providing excellent post sale service. Solutions to all sorts of industry challenges are the result of our multifaceted approach to mechanical design.

Though CHUN TAI is highly reputed in the plastic extrusion industry, we are still not satisfied. Our momentum now is greater than ever, and its yielding machines that are more convenient, more in accord with customer requirements and more advanced than ever. We welcome comments and suggestions from all walks of industry to increase our momentum, as CHUN TAI strives to make greater contributions to recycling.

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