Horizontal Gun Drilling Machine with Milling, Tapping-CNC BTA Deep Hole Boring Machine Components Gun Drill Machining Service

Founded in 1996, Chau Yih Shin Co. “microntec” has been providing customized components in deep hole drill machining in Taiwan skilled more 20 years.

Guided by customers needs, microntec is committed to improving service quality and continuously developing smart manufacturing to create multifunctional deep hole drilling machine with milling and tapping head with high efficiency, high rigidity and stability.

“microntec” offers gun drill the machining services and consulting for the global deep hole drilling industry, microntec not only has long cultivated the Taiwan market but also serves customers across the globe spanning five continents.

With increased complexity deep hole drill machining, microntec has been developed CNC deep-hole drilling machine with tilting head focused on automation and integration of drilling, milling and tapping in high precision and added value. In addition, in order to shorten deep hole drill machining time for customers’ and large batch production, microntec provides multi-drilling spindles in center hole boring procedure, CNC speedy BTA bigger and lengthen center hole boring machine so as save manpower and lot batch production request.

 With the trend of developments, microntec will strive to nurture talents, import systems, inspect the company’s competitiveness, and strengthening its structure in future industries, IoT, and industrial revolution without fear of outside challenge. The company will accelerate the development of new generation products, end low price competition, and open up a brand new precision processing era.

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