Auto Parts

Grand Forging Industries Co., Ltd.


Forging, cold forming, forged and cast parts, cold forging, auto repair tools, bicycle parts, hand tool parts, etc.

Ever since founded in 1989, Grand Forging Industries Co., Ltd. has been specializing in forging and processing of parts and components with ISO 9001:2000 and TS 16949 certificates.

Grand Forging’s product lineup covers a wide spectrum of forged parts and related products for industrial applications, including automobiles, motorcycles, machinery, bicycles, hardware and tools. Precision auto airbag parts are also among the firm’s product categories. Such wide application of its products is attributable to the company’s high-efficiency production and processing achieved by top-end and advanced equipment.

Another competitive edge among others Grand Forging has is its unwavering dedication to continuous improvements of product quality and manufacturing techniques. To that end, the company provides lifetime training to its employees in qualitative concepts till they are truly full-fledged and skilled, while continually upgrading equipment, techniques and corporate efficiency. Additionally, the company also invests considerably in introducing advanced testing and inspection instruments into its QC lab to assure the highest-possible quality and precision, which include coordinate measuring machines, optical measuring, surface profile gauge, and surface testers.

The forging maker is also noted for having set up a full slate of manufacturing and processing equipment in-house, including heavy-duty forging machine tools (three 1,200-ton and four 650-ton toggle-type punch press machines, C-shaped single-crank punch press machines etc.), heat-treatment equipment (crucible-type annealing and spheroidizing furnaces), cutting tool (coil cutting and forming machines, automated steel-bar cutters, numeric control high-sped heavy-duty automatic carbide circular saws, hydraulic and servo motor units etc.).

With the characteristics mentioned above, Grand Forging is a trustworthy, competent forging maker who offers customers absolutely competitive service, high quality and on-time delivery.

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