Rich Dragon Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Soldering irons, soldering guns, hot-air guns, soldering stands, anti-static brushes, soldering machines & stickers, etc.

With several decades of experience in developing soldering and welding tools, Rich Dragon Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a specialized supplier from Taiwan in the segment, and has established a higher profile over its peers worldwide.

The company’s product category covers a full spectrum of soldering and welding tools, including soldering irons, heating elements, soldering stands, glue guns, desoldering pumps, solder wires, solder bars, automatic soldering machines, soldering iron tips, soldering guns, glue sticks, sponges, soldering pots, magnifiers, soldering stations and so forth. The versatile supplier also provides anti-static brushes, tweezers, knife sets, tester tools, screwdriver sets, strippers, crimpers, digital multimeters, and many others.

The abovementioned products from Rich Dragon are noted for user-friendly functionality and great performance, hence being sought-after by professional buyers and end-users from all over the world.

For instance, the company’s soldering gun is double insulated, and electrically improved to provide instant, sufficient heat, so that a user can solder workpiece with the tool more safely and efficiently than others with competing models. Also, an ergonomic handle adds to the attraction of the soldering gun.

Besides high-quality products supplied, Rich Dragon’s current achievement in the line is also attributable to its dedication to customer satisfactions, achieved by its skillful, experienced workforce employed in house, which enables the supplier to provide customers with integrated, troubleshooting services, from product design to quality control and marketing, using its extensive knowledge and abundant experience.

A customer-centric, trustworthy supplier, Rich Dragon welcomes any kinds of partnerships from customers from every corner of the world.

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