Eco-friendly emulsion-fuel processing equipment

COMAXIMA ECO-GREEN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. under the Comaxima Group makes the emulsion-fuel machines that require no additives but only water to combine with oils used in various processing machines, saving operators cost of emulsion additives as well as labor input while minimizing operational complexity.

Its technology is developed specifically to mix water with heavy oil, which seems to go against conventional wisdom and theory but actually ensures mixing rather than separation of water and oil.

The company was established in 1980 to manufacture machine tools to make heating and air-conditioning equipment, laying a solid foundation to venture into the emulsion-fuel processing equipment sector in recent years.

Containing no potentially corrosive additives, the water-oil emulsion does not damage rubber parts in machines to significantly boost lifespan of machines and help minimize pollutants.

The mixing process results in liquid drops with diameter of only about two to five microns, with thermodynamics involving nano-scale particles to ensure excellent cooling and saving 5-15 percent of fuel due to zero carbon deposit in tubes or pipes.

The maximum proportion of water in the mixture can be raised to 35 percent or above based on particular needs of industries.

The company also offers automatic hairpin bending machine, manual expander, expander gun, vertical expander, automatic U-type brass pipe bending machine, clearing & de-burring machine, hang-door dehydration machine, O-ring inserting machine, high-speed ring making machine, saw slice & de-burring machine, automatic brazing machine, leakage test machine & high-speed connector, dryer, tube-array layout machine, and high-speed fin-press line.

COMAXIMA is also known for providing after-sales service, including technical consulting, process design, and facility mockups.


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