Cheng Chang Machine Electronic Corp.


C-axis motors, DD motors, built-in spindle motors, induction servomotors, and linear motors

Cheng Chang Machine Electronic Corp., established in 1995, specializes in manufacturing spindle motors for machine tools, which are highly regarded and widely adopted by Taiwanese manufacturers of machine tools and controllers for features and quality equaling that of European, American and Japanese counterparts, also being highly regarded by buyers in the US, Europe, and China.

A major manufacturer of energy-efficient motors in Taiwan, Cheng Chang promotes products under its own “SOL-POWER” brand, known as a leading, authoritative Taiwan brand that offers world-class spindle motors to help businesses show their best and tap niche in the market for machine tools, injection molders, aeronautical and mechanical equipment.

Specialized and trustworthy, the company provides total solutions including design, production and service. Having studied and developed spindle motors for machine tools for over 10 years, the firm never compromises in quality, service and innovation, hence having built a solid reputation among customers for innovative technology and consistent quality.

To meet demand of enhanced machine tools, Cheng Chang has recently developed a comprehensive collection of parts and fittings, including C-axis motors, DD motors, built-in spindle motors, linear motors etc.

Servomotors are also available (SVM series: 24,000rpm max.; SPMA/DDM series: torque 18849nm max.) to meet needs of industrial machines such as hi-speed PCB drilling & tapping centers, slitters, printers, paper cutters, plastic injection-molders, and metalworking machines.

Cheng Chang’s iron-core linear motors (e.g. the LPM series) feature enhanced efficiency, being better than ball-screw counterparts in terms of speed, positioning exactness, and stability. Its DD motors effectively integrates four-axis and four-axis/five-axis rotary tables, substantially boosting speed and precision of multi-spindle heads, also working efficiently with PC-based controller.

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