Chew Long Developing Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Flush bolt sets, fireproof windows, fireproof glass partition walls, door & window hardware, magical tent

Chew Long Developing Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a creative Taiwanese manufacturer of building materials and door and window hardware, including fireproof windows, fireproof glass partition walls, and flush bolt sets, among other items.

The company is strongly competitive thanks largely to the R&D capability, reflected in the innovative products that have proven so popular with end-users worldwide.

Among Chew Long’s innovative hot-sellers is the Magical Tent, which, patented in Taiwan and winner of a silver medal in the Pittsburgh International Invention & Product Exhibition 2013, is over 80% made of green materials and, with an improved and strengthened structural design, can easily be put up by hand.

The tent’s skeleton frame is composed of aluminum alloy poles interlocked with parts of stainless steel, and its floor, made of high-quality Moso bamboo, can safely carry up to 8 persons weighing 80 kilograms each. The covering is made of waterproof, cold-proof canvas. The base supports are height-adjustable and quake-proof, enabling the tent to be set up for safe, comfortable camping without harming the natural environment.

Another product that embodies Chew Long's R&D capability, rich know-how, and well-honed manufacturing skills is a door flush bolt set with a special latching linkage. The set is mounted to a lever handle to provide an innovative linkage that firmly latches the door to both the upper and lower sides of the frame, keeping wind out of the house and enhancing security.

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