Soartek Co., Ltd.


Plastic injection molds and parts, investment casting parts, die casting parts, sand casting, stamping parts, CNC machining parts, clamps, valves

Ever since its establishment in 1989, Soartek Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to supplying a range of plastic injection molds and parts, castings, stamping parts, and CNC machining parts.

Backed by extensive know-how in mechanical engineering and plastic injection molding, along with a well-integrated subcontractor network, the company is well able to handle OEM (original equipment manufacturing) and custom orders and to satisfy customers from various sectors with its high efficiency and speedy delivery.

One of Soartek's advantages is its strong commitment to quality. The company insists on implementing international quality standards to make sure that all of its products fully meet customers’ expectations. Its die-casting factory has been certificated by ISO9002, and its plastic injection plant has passed ISO-9001 certification.

In addition to various plastic parts, castings, and CNC machining parts, the company is also well versed in the making of valves, gears, and other industrial parts using sintering metallurgy technology. Materials that can be sintered include carbon steel, steel alloy, bronze, and brass.

Holding firmly to its commitment to customer satisfaction through exceptional quality and timely services, Soartek has achieved strong recognition among professionals at home and abroad.

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