San So Industry Co., Ltd.


Sliding door tracks and hardware, hinges, door rollers, door stoppers

San So Industry Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of hardware for doors, sliding doors, folding doors etc.

Having been in business for over 30 years, San So started by making brass door handles, and then gradually branched into developing, manufacturing and assembling door hardware to meet customers’ requirements. Such transition has enabled the company to accumulate ample production skills from molding to punching, and extensive know-how in metals and plastics.

The company offers a variety of door hardware, including sliding door tracks and accessories, door rollers, hinges, 3D-adjustable hinges, door buffers etc., all made with exacting manufacturing and under strict quality control, hence being sought-after by customers worldwide, particularly in Japan.

Additionally, this maker focuses on market-oriented R&D to ensure true marketability of products for consumers, also aiming to create mutual benefit. Bolstered by time-tested production capabilities, as well as over three decades of experience in supplying to Japanese customers, the quality-driven company fills OEM (original equipment manufacturing) and ODM (original design manufacturing) orders.

The company also pays attention to eco- protection by strictly carrying out related measures throughout production to cut carbon emission.

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