Chan Wei Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Trolley tracks & chains, conveyor sprockets and chains, conveyor rollers, conveyor attachments

Chan Wei Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983 and is known as a dedicated maker of conveyor systems and parts, mainly on an ODM (original design manufacturing) and OBM (original brand manufacturing) basis, with more than 30 years of expertise.

The company’s product portfolio encompasses trolley conveyors, RF and RS roller chains, conveyor sprockets, double pitch conveyor chains, glove chains, skirting link belt chains (apron chains), conveyor rollers, conveyor net belts, double-plus chains and parts. The firm has become one of the best-known suppliers of its kind in Asia, whose products are well received by professionals as reliable, durable for industrial automation that help achieve cost efficiency and better profitability.

To stay ahead of competition, Chang Wei invests steadily in R&D to continually work out new products to expand product mix, in an effort to satisfy global customers with one-stop sourcing, as well as branch out into new segments.

More proof of the firm’s commitment to customer satisfaction is the maker's focus on continuous improvement of manufacturing technologies and facilities, hence capable of not just supplying conveyor systems with standard specifications, but also custom manufacturing services. The company stresses that it builds sustainable growth by developing trust, reputation amid customers.

A key to Chang Wei's success is its integrated production. Bolstered by advanced production facilities, extensive know-how and skilled workers, the company capably handles design and molding to forming processes, assembly and pre-delivery inspection in-house, being known for filling orders within the shortest lead time backed by competitive cost and qualitative consistency. This firm also takes pride of a full line of testing equipment employed in house to ensure customers unquestionable quality.


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