Parkins Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.


Bag Sealing Machines, Automatic Cutting Machines, Bag Cutting Machines, Plastic Bag Making Machines etc.

Established in 1976, Parkins Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has taken the lead in Taiwan in making plastic bag cutting and sealing machines. Over nearly 40 years, Parkins has successfully developed the most comprehensive range of plastic bag cutting and sealing machines. Parkins' machines have been sold in over 60 countries, and have won full satisfaction from customers. This has made Parkins renowned in its field, proving the slogan "Parkins is a symbol of quality excellence".

Parkins designs and manufactures a wide variety of bag making machines that meet current production requirements. Product lines include:

 T-shirt bags(shopping bags) machines,

 Bottom sealing bag machine

 Perforated bag machine

 Side sealing bag machine

 Others : one-off glove machine, etc..

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Based on advanced bag making technologies, Parkins has developed advanced machines for market demand, such as BJATRP12L+S model with high production capacity up to 12pcs per cutting, BJABP+AS3 model with fast speed 750pcs/min .

The company ‘s experienced engineers periodically travel over to visit global customers to provide complete after-sale services via on-site after-service or hands-on training , including machine installation and set-up, changeover and adjustments, maintenance procedures ,diagnosing common problems, and repair techniques

By coming to visit the company, you will get satisfactory machines with highest C/P value.

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