S.M.L.S. Stainless Steel Industrial Co., Ltd.


Stainless steel handles, hinges, shackles, locks, building materials

Ever since its founding in 1989, S.M.L.S. Stainless Steel Industrial Co., Ltd. has specialized in manufacturing building materials completely made of stainless steel in Taiwan.

The company mainly offers handles and hinges, such as handles for airtight doors and windows, one-touch lock handle catches, shackles, waterproof handles, J- and T-shaped handles, oval-shaped handles, waterproof flush handles, flush handles and stainless ball catches, coupled with hand wheels and machinery parts. With precision casting and surface finishing, its products are highlighted with excellent quality and bright surface, hence well recognized by buyers worldwide, particularly in Japan.

The company’s well-established image as a top-notch manufacturer in the builders’ hardware sector is cultivated mainly by years of close cooperation with Japanese prestigious makers such as Takigen Mfg. and Shibutani Co. By doing so, the Taiwanese supplier has effectively enriched its knowledge and production skills to compete globally.

Additionally, S.M.L.S. also boasts a sound line of production facilities employed in house, including argon welding machines, riveting machines and ultrasonic cleaning machines, effective warehouse management and skilled workers with consummate craftsmanship for manual polishing. All those factors contribute to the company’s current success.

Bolstered by superior production capability, the company, who ships about 2,000 kilograms of various stainless-steel handle and hinge products every month, is capable of handling contract orders on an OEM (original equipment manufacturing) and ODM (original design manufacturing) basis, and is committed to customer satisfaction with timely services.