Lei Yang Industrial Co., Ltd.


Swaging tool sets, tubing cutters, tube benders, plastic fin straighteners

Ever since its founding in 1993, Lei Yang Industrial Co., Ltd. has positioned itself as a professional supplier dedicated to developing and manufacturing tools for repairing and maintaining refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.

Backed by more than two decades of experience, the company today supplies swaging tool sets, mini tubing cutters, tube benders, plastic fin straighteners, and other products, all of which are well known for high quality and great utility. Its mini tubing bender, for instance, is noted for having a body of zinc and a cutting wheel of SK2 or SUJ2 alloy, and for being subjected to special heat treatment that ensures high structural durability and long lifespan. This tool, which is is suitable for handling tubes from 3 to 16mm in diameter, is particularly sought after by professionals.

In addition to excellent quality, Lei Yang is also committed to prompt delivery. It focuses on the continuous improvement of its production capability and efficiency with the aim of providing high-quality products and efficient services that can help customers gain a head start in their markets.

Following years of hard work, the company has established a high global profile as a truly capable supplier that exports to Europe, the U.S., and the Middle East, and has such globally known brands as KS Tool, Rothenberger, Avaly, Uniweld, and Truper on its customer list.

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