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Chu Hung Oil Seals Industrial Co., Ltd.


All kinds of oil seals for industrial and automotive applications

Chu Hung Oil Seals Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 1988, is now a leading developer and manufacturer of rotary seals and other seal products for both OEM customers and the aftermarket.

The firm is ISO 9001-, QS-9000-, and ISO/TS 16949-certified, reflecting an outstanding strength in and long-term devotion to product quality and corporate management. The firm won ISO 14001 approval in 2013, further affirming its success in the pursuit of constant upgrading. Serving both automotive and industrial customers worldwide, Chu Hung Oil Seals is headquartered in Taiwan, where 70% of all seals for the global aftermarket are manufactured.

Chu Hung has enjoyed unrivalled success over the past five years (expanding at an annual rate of 20%) and is today the fastest growing seal company in Taiwan. "Our success is based on the constant improvement of our capabilities in order to fill our customer’s needs, both in terms of the products we supply and the services we provide," comments a company executive.

The company keeps a large selection of standard seals in stock, including rotary shaft seals, wiper seals, gamma seals, O-rings, X-rings, V-rings, bonded seals, valve stem seals, rubber oil seals, PTFE seals, all types of axle seals, pinion seals, washing machine seals, power steering seals, transmission seals, and more. When standard seals will not do the job, it also designs and manufactures special seals.

The company claims proudly that its strong R&D team can help solve all the difficulties in product development for its customers, and that it develops an average of more than 100 new items and molds per month.

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