Yung Hung Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.


Water-transfer printing machine

Yung Hung Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in water-transfer printing machines, built with quality manufacturing and design it has gleaned for over 20 years as a processor of precision components.

The company has recently released several smart machines, including a water-transfer printer for 3D curved printing.

The printing machine is developed for traditional screen printing, pad printing, and thermal-transfer printing to make up for their inability to produce complicated patterns.

The company offers quality products by strict quality control and management of precision parts processing, and integrated production including planning, material preparation, processing, quality inspection, surface processing, packaging and shipping. Its solid technical strength is built on precision manufacturing equipment, stringent quality inspection, scientific management, and well trained R&D specialists.

The company adheres to its motto of innovation, positive attitude, high quality, and persistent investments in hardware and software to better serve customers, which are mostly in Europe, America, and Japan.

In 2006, the company won ISO9001:2000 certification, attesting to its manufacturing quality.

To cope with increased business, the company built a new factory on 10,000 square meters in central Taiwan in 2007, with start-up two years later.

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