Fine Fu Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Stamping machines, transfer printing machines, laminating machines

Since founded in 1990, Fine Fu Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been specializing in manufacturing hot stamping machines, transfer printing machines and hot pressing and laminating machines, also able to integrate those machines into automated systems for customers to raise production efficiency and profitability.

Drawing on decades-long expertise, the company supplies pneumatic type, hydraulic type, hydraulic roller type and 3D thermal transfer printing machines, automatic transfer printing machines, gluing machines, hot stamping and transfer printing machines, and custom-made models.

The firm's machines are suitable for wide-ranging applications, including production of plastic injection molded products, pen sleeves, cups, electronic components, cosmetics, glasses, acrylic, wooden products, garments, socks, leather products, glassware, metal products, etc.

Among others, the SY601 roller-type thermal transfer printing machine is testament to the company’s ability to address end-users’ requirements. The machine boasts unique, strengthened structure, and is particularly suitable for large-area printing and featuring great stability while rolling. With a well-designed control box for easy operation, the machine is ideal for manufacturers of plastic, wooden, glass and metal products.

To offer unquestionable quality, Fine Fu Sheng uses mostly made-in-Taiwan parts and components, except some pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical components, which are outsourced from vendors with long-standing reputation for accuracy, reliability and accessibility.

Noted for durability, user-friendly operation, exceptional functionality and reasonable prices, the company’s machines are sought-after by professional end-users worldwide.

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