Sheng Mei Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.


Plastic blow-molding machines for the automotive, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, stationery, and insect-repellant sectors

Sheng Mei Plastic Machinery Co. , Ltd. was set up in Dongguan, China in 1998 as the branch of a Taiwan-based company operating since 1977 to meet ever-increasing market demand and take advantage of the economic boom in China. The company specializes in making plastic blow-molding machines that are widely used in the automotive, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, stationery, and insect-repellant industries.

Sheng Mei boasts an in-house R&D team, CNC-based production facilities, skillful technicians, and efficient management, enabling it to supply quality, reliable products and services that help to build long-term partnerships with prominent businesses in China like Shell, Johnson, Liby, Unilever, and other big names.

The company’s blow-molding machines are fully automatic, highly stable, durable, and energy efficient, and have high production capacities. They are available in high-end models, such as eight/six-die-head dual-stage machines with automatic leakage detection, that are particularly suited to multi-layer molding, molding for containers with liquid level lines, in-mold labeling, etc.

These machines are used to turn out first-aid boxes; bottles for milk, beverages, medicines, and glues; containers for whiteout, shampoo, shower gel, and sunscreen; and tabletops, car seats, toys, shoe insoles, and many other products.

To ensure top quality of output, Sheng Mei is detail-minded and implements the strictest quality inspection throughout production. In addition, it uses parts from world-known companies such as Beckhoff and B&R in its machines to achieve reliability and high effectiveness. ISO certified and offering CE-approved products, the company also holds patents for innovative technologies.

Sheng Mei's main markets are Russia, Jordan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Argentina, and Mexico, and the firm is moving aggressively to expand into other markets around the world. It welcomes OEM, ODM, and customization orders.

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