Sen Fung Rollform Machinery Corp.


Sheet metal roll forming machines, steel pipe making machines

Founded in 1963, Sen Fung Rollform Machinery Corp. is recognized as one of Taiwan’s leading suppliers of sheet-metal roll-forming machine and steel-pipe making machine.

With 50 years of experience, the company offers quality, durable, and customer-oriented cold roll-forming machines, which can be widely applied to manufacture and process uncoilers, purlins, shelves, guardrails, c&z purlins, carbon steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, light gauge steels, door frames, roofing corrugated sheets, roofing tiles, wall panels, ceiling T-bars, steel decks, partition beams, storage racking, pallet racking, stud & track, and a variety of metal sheet building materials.

Moreover, Sen Fung is capable of manufacturing high-speed and automated machinery as a result of constant innovation. The numerous professional inventions are appreciated and patented in different countries. The company’s service team has been well reputed for its accurate and quick after-sale services to customers.

Thanks to employment of strict quality-control, Sen Fung rolls out machines meeting European CE Mark and ISO standards. The company has long been dedicated to punctual delivery of quality machines at competitive prices. In addition, the company also offers technical and machinery support to satisfy the needs of all its customers.

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