Charming Home Décor Corp.


Home Lighting and LED decorative lighting

Founded in 1982 in Taiwan, Charming Home Décor Corp. supplies a variety of compact home lightings and LED decorative lights, including gift lamps for promotional use, decorative lamp, outdoor lamps, table lamps, residential lamps, and specialty lamps.

The company supplies its products on the OEM/ODM bases as well as under its own brand of “mobo”, which is interpreted by the company as “mobile hi-life lamp” to preach its quality design and manufacturing.

The company ships an average of 10 40-feet containers of lamps a month, which are turned out at its in-house factory in mainland China with a land area of 5,000 square meters and well trained staffs. Its products, certified to meet CE standards, mostly go to chain stores, pro stores and importers in Europe and Japan.

The company motivates itself with the motto: “Fashion”, “Passion” and “Innovation”. Its design team introduces an average of 30 new products every year in line with the motto. Also, the company has positioned itself as a reliable supplier and partner providing good service and quality products.