Miyanach (Taiwan) Ind. Co., Ltd.


Portable magnetic drills, hole cutters

Miyanach (Taiwan) Ind. Co., Ltd. is an ISO9001 and CE-certified manufacturer specializing in development and production of portable magnetic drills, and a wide range of tungsten carbide tipped hole saws and annular cutters.

Since its inception in 1985 in Changhua County, central Taiwan, the company has been pursuing high-quality production and upgrading manufacturing skills, having set up in 2006 a second plant equipped with sophisticated instruments and production equipment. With its own Wind Speed brand, the maker has grown into one of Taiwan’s leading manufacturers of hole cutters.

For instance, the maker offers annular cutters that are especially developed for on-site hole-cutting in thick steel plates, H-beams, framework, machinery, shipbuilding, bridges etc.

Accepting orders on the OEM (original equipment manufacturing) basis, the maker has exported products to more than 20 nations in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Far East, and Oceania. It will continue to expand exports to more countries of the world.

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