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Yueh Jyh Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.


Automotive and motorcycle fuses.

Established in 1975, Yueh Jyh Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. iIs a veteran specialist in developing and manufacturing high -quality fuse products, includinging

circuit breakers, car fuses, plug-in fuses, glass fuses, bakelite GBC fuses, fuse holders, fuse blocks, fuse clips, etc. and cigarette lighters for automotive, motorcycle, and other vehicular applications.

The ISO 9001-approved Yueh Jyh is internationally known for its strict quality control, reasonable prices, and punctual product delivery. This combination of strengthse combination has led to much business with significanthigh-standard big international customers under OEM/ODM (original equipment/design manufacturing) bases. Yueh Jyh's exports all its output, Tand though the companyit has s clients are spread worldwide, the majority of them arey are concentrated in Europe and in the United StatesU.S. Yueh Jyh exports all of its output.

Over the years Yueh JyhThe innovative company has been steadilyconstantly manufactured market-leading pushing newer and better products which have also to lead the market trend or meet customers' expectations. For instanceexample, Yueh Jyh producedioneered counterparts to push a patented circuit -breaker holder (circuit breaker included) with a built-in light-emitting diode (LED) thatwhich lights up when the current is smooth and which automatically switches off automatically in high over-current and/or high over-temperature conditions. And thIn addition, the device will automatically trips the circuit breaker and allowslet the circuit to open to protect all relevant devices. Also, tThe company’sfirm's strong R&D capability can helps in both design production and in developing different specifications to meet customers' requirements as well.

According to In addition to the unmatched expertise and know-how it has accumulated over the past three decades, Yueh Jyh, claims that in manufacturing its products it has developed adopts a series of highly most-advanced production equipment, a most-modern production facility, and excellent production techniques. to produce its products.

With its highly automated production productionmachinery, Yueh Jyh currently has a monthly capacity of overmore than 500,000 circuit breakers, 10 million fuses, and about 300,000 fuse holders/blocks. The company welcomes OEM projects for the Add-A-Circuit type fuses. (QL)

For further information, please contact the company at: No. 10, Lane 171, Yunghe Rd., Chunghe, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan 235; tel: (886-2) 2247-3600; fax: (886-2) 2247-6866; e-mail:; website:

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