P-ONE Machinery Co., Ltd.


Horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, high-speed precision machining centers

P-One Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992 as a dedicated machine-tool manufacturer pursuing innovation and quality, providing vertical machining centers (box guideway and linear guideway), horizontal machining centers, traveling-column machining centers and double-column machining centers.

The company has recently announced a series of horizontal machining centers codenamed HMC-1000A, with ultra wide Y-shaped column integrated with four-guideway base for maximum mechanical contact, assuring high rigidity and positioning accuracy performance. This series is applying for mold and die industries, with high-precision, high efficiency and high durability. It can be ordered with horizontal index table or vertical CNC rotary table, with easy and quick installation.

VMC-4000 series traveling-column machining center is another excellent line, which has been designed to improve heavy weight, slow movement, and high price widely seen in conventional models. The machine is equipped with heavy-load linear guideways and direct transmission motors to guarantee high speed and high rigidity. It also provides a very wide length choices from 4000mm to 7000mm. Custom-made orders are acceptable based on customer’s request.

For quality assurance and machining performance, all machines must pass ball-bar circularity test, laser inspections, and cutting test before going to market.

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