Jan Far Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.


Pipe bender, flange forming machine, rolling machine, punching machine, forging machine, OEM production

Jan Far Machinery Industry Co. has 28 years of experience in tube processing as well as manufacturing and exporting tube-processing machinery, using self-developed technologies and always giving top priority to the quality and practicality of its products.

Since its inception the company has strived to remain competitive and grow steadily, and today it serves more than 1,000 clients around the world with a range of products encompassing pipe benders, rolling machines, forging machines, punching machines (for 360°-rotational, vertical and horizontal punching of pipes/tubes, channels, and angle iron), flange forming machines, and tube shrinkers. The company recently introduced a series of newly developed products, including NC hydraulic circle roller, NC digital dual-cylinder linear punching machines, with 360º rotational and vertical/horizontal and NC semi-automatic hydraulic pipe benders.

One of Jan Far’s most popular products is an NC dual-cylinder linear punching machine for puncturing square tubes, rectangular pipes, and round pipes, making it suitable for processing storage racks, fences, and scaffolds. The maker is also an OEM of bent tubes/pipes, handles, flanges, tubular parts for ball screws, and U-shaped brass tubes for transformers.

The company also offers a CE-certified flange forming machine that is especially designed to produce one-piece flanges. Generating no waste materials, the machine helps users save on costs while speeding up their production process.

Jan Far’s tube-processing machine is designed to work on tubes that are widely used in aircraft, transportation equipment (including tankers), buildings (including exterior wall cladding and escalators), tunnel engineering, furniture, refrigeration and air-conditioning products, sports equipment, entertainment facilities, power plants, petroleum-related equipment, water piping, sewage treatment facilities, landscaping, bridges, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, chemical engineering, iron processing, and fertilizer making.

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