Joen Lih Machinery Co., Ltd.


Surface grinding machines

Founded in 1988 in Taichung, central Taiwan, Joen Lih Machinery Co. has grown into a top manufacturer of high-precision and CNC (computerized numerically controlled) surface grinders, hand-operated surface grinders, and semi-automated precision surface grinders.

Underpinned by its policy of “Quality a priority for survival, service first in perpetuating the enterprise,” Joen Lih’s competitiveness lies mainly in its ability to develop machines featuring superior rigidity, accuracy, stability, and efficiency, as well as convenient operation and maintenance. To strengthen its research and development capability, the company began cooperating with a Japanese partner in 1996 for the joint production of machines which meet the diverse customized requirements of international customers.

The main structures of all Joen Lih machines are made of top-quality FC30 fine grey iron, which features high strength and inherent vibration-dampening characteristics. Top-end servo motors drive the ball screws and liner guides of the machines, resulting in the high-speed machining consistency and high-frequency response needed to ensure the highest efficiency.

Joen Lih recently introduced its latest high-precision CNC profile surface grinding machine models, the JL-2550CNC and JL-4080CNC, which are designed to meet all of its customers’ current and future grinding needs. The new models are made to achieve a surface grinding accuracy that complies with the highest industry standards.

The ISO9001-certified firm insists that all its machines pass stringent QC procedures and that they comply with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards set by SGS, facilitating its efforts to develop higher-end markets in the United States, Japan, and Europe.

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