Flying Tiger KJ Co., Ltd.


Plastic Auxiliary Equipment & Turnkey Solution Experts

Established in 1980, Flying Tiger KJ Co., Ltd. has been developing and manufacturing mold temperature controllers and dryers specifically for plastics production as a seasoned supplier in Taiwan.

Following more than three decades of development, the company supplies a wide array of plastic auxiliary equipment and turnkey solutions, all CE marked, with more than 80% of products exported worldwide, either on an ODM (original design manufacturing) basis or under its Flying Tiger brand, which are widely sought-after by plastics, LCD panel and 3C product manufacturers for high functionality and efficiency.

Initially when local plastics processors generally didn’t use auxiliary equipment, Flying Tiger spent considerable time assisting clients in introducing and applying such machines and systems in manufacturing through lecture tours organized with experts and scholars, to introduce such know-how to Taiwan but also help them enhance productivity and efficiency.

Since launching its first water and air-cooled chiller in 1982, the supplier has consistently researched related applied technologies, such as microcomputer control systems, applying them in its machines and systems to boost performance. To ensure customers timely professional services, the firm also operates marketing footholds at home and abroad.

For the next phase of sustainable growth, the company has been developing and promoting energy-saving, eco-protection products, actively exploring the ASEAN and other emerging markets and working on bettering working conditions for employees over the past years, with a brand new factory in the Taichung Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park, central Taiwan, to become operational by the end of 2014.

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