Auto Parts

Oriental Star Chemical Inc.


C.V. joint boots, steering rack boots, rubber parts, rubber bushings, etc.

Oriental Star Chemical Inc. was established in 1991 and is today a TS 16949-certified company that is dedicated to developing and making various kinds of high-quality automotive rubber and silicon parts.

The company says that the master-batch accelerators and refined processing rubber that it produces in-house can fully meet the special requirements of its customers. In addition, the firm claims, the excellence of its carbon black processing technology and stringent quality control have been acknowledged by customers worldwide.

The manufacturer supplies rubber parts in a number of different categories, including rubber boots, C.V. joint boots, steering rack boots, packing, valve seals, shock-absorber boots, bushings, auto rubber parts, engine mounts, all terrain vehicle (ATV) C.V. joint boots, among others.

Oriental Star exports its quality parts to customers all over the world, especially in major markets such as Europe, North America, and the Middle East. The maker stresses that its core competitiveness lies in its long-accumulated experience and know-how, comprehensive range of manufacturing equipment, and high-grade technical capability. The firm adds that it pursues optimum customer satisfaction by constantly upgrading its product quality, know-how, and services.

The firm is confident in its ability to supply products according to customer samples or drawings. It welcomes customers to provide the car brand and production year, car OEM number, or other makers' serial numbers, so that it can check the dimensions and specifications for them.

Oriental Star currently operates a modern integrated factory in central Taiwan, manned by about 80 well-trained and experienced workers. In addition to parts made of materials with different rubber formulas, the firm says that it also has strong expertise in producing silicon-material boots and related products.

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