Sanjet International Co., Ltd.


High Speed Customized auto tool changer for machining centers

Sanjet International Co., Ltd. is a professional Taiwan-based maker of automatic tool changer systems that upholds a traditional, sincere mindset towards the machinery industry, but combines that with an innovation-driven team. Sanjet is looking at developing their private label strategy, while concentrating their customers through developing new products. With a low-key, and unique management values segregate Sanjet from the market.

With new product designs, manufacturing skills and precise measuring capabilities, Sanjet is able to offer a diverse product mix of new value-focused and quality-driven. The market demand for electric machinery modules has rose, along with Sanjet’s direction to meet those demands. The firm has teamed up with well-known powerhouses of electric machinery to integrate both lines of products, moving past traditional tool magazines. This would enable Sanjet meet needs for higher efficiency and protection of machinery parts through presenting a well-oiled and swift-operating tool machine. Such changes would also help machine tool factories to drop the need to rewrite system code and purchase expensive equipment.

In recent years, the firm has rolled out tool magazines with simple electronic brake, and matrix type tool magazines for 5-axis machinery. Sanjet has become an industry leader in terms of offering servo type multiple axis tool magazines for diverse applications, which widely earned positive feedback from the market.

Sanjet’s products are for vertical machining centers, five-axis machining centers, double-column machining, horizontal machining, top horizontal machining, horizontal milling machining and tapping machining, all customizable to meet customers’ various demands. The firm welcomes prospective clients to get in contact with them for further inquiries.

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