Inchung Co., Ltd.


Wide-ranging hose clamps for various applications

Located in the Daya District of Taichung City, Inchung Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the production of hardware parts such as stainless steel hose clamps.

Using its rich store of expertise, the firm has developed a diversified range of products including quick release hose clamps, American type hose clamps, high-torque hose clamps, butterfly handle type hose clamps, German type hose clamps, bridge hose clamps, double wire hose clamps, hose clamps for motorcycles, gas-hose clamps, European style hose clamps, V-band hose clamps, and T-bolt hose clamps. The clamps are made of SUS316, SUS304, and SUS430 stainless steel.

Inchong has built up a solid reputation for high quality, quick delivery, and reliability. It offers OEM and ODM services and welcomes accepts small-volume, custom orders. Inquiries from traders are welcome.

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