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Brushless DC motor DC motor controllers, motorcycle electric parts

Founded in 1971, Herng Shan Electronics Co., Ltd. has accumulated over 40 years experience of vehicle electronics.

The company started out as a contract supplier of communications systems for military use. Later on, it drew on its know-how to engage in the development of electrical control systems for automotives and motorcycles.

Since then the company has worked continuously to develop different products, including CDI, ignition coils, regulators, flashers, buzzers, relays, generators, starter motors, and motor controllers, and gained a solid foothold in the market. Consistent outstanding quality has made its products popular with prominent customers all over the world, including P.T. Danmotor Vespa of Indonesia, LML Ltd. of India, Piaggio Co. of Italy, and Yamaha of Japan, as well as large domestic firms such as Vespa Taiwan and the Ta Ching Motor Co.

In recent year, green energy and energy renewal are among

the most important issues for future development. Electrical

motors convert electricity into kinetic motion, and are widely

used in refrigerators, air conditioner, and various types of

fans. Its applications in industrial equipments are even more

versatile, including pumps, automobiles, and manufacture

machinery. In order to reduce the energy consumption, it is

necessary to adopt BLDC (Brushless DC) motor technology.

Herng Shan dedicated to integrate the BLDC Motor in the

last 5 years. We offer total solution from product design to

manufacture, We create the patent automated production line which on line testing included. This production line offers high quality products. 4 patents in 9 countries applied.

Herng Shan currently turns out 3,000 controllers for automotive radiator fans used in automotive and more than 50,000 BLDC motors every month. As a rising globally recognized supplier, the company welcomes OEM (original equipment manufacturing) and ODM (original design manufacturing) partnerships with automakers and homeappliance producers all over the world.

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