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Auto Meter (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.


Auto gauges, all kinds of gauges for vehicles and boats, etc.

Auto Meter (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. is a veteran company specializing in designing, developing, and manufacturing high-level performance gauges.

The firm is a major supplier of electric meters and sensors for automobiles and yachts, with a product line that includes mainly high-performance meters; gauges for yachts, generators, heavy-duty equipment, and trucks; and auto accessories. The company supplies a full range of gauges for every application, especially in the high-performance auto-meter category. Meters with displays and LEDs are also available.

Auto Meter recently introduced several gauge series featuring numerous outstanding advantages, including the OBDII 4-in-1, 430, and EVO series.

The OBDII 4-in-1 (with tachometer, speedometer, water temperature, and voltage functions) series is offered in both 52mm and 60mm versions , with four functions integrated into one display unit. The 60 mm version features needle-type tachometer, digitalized speedometer, water temperature and voltage functions, and two LED backlighting colors (white and amber). Other features of models in this series include easy installation, suitability for OBDII systems and warning functions, etc.

The 430 series gauges come in two sizes, 52mm and 60mm, both with Japanese stepper motor movement, two-color LED backlighting, noiseless needle sweep, easy installation with pin-style wiring, and Power Daisy Chain System enabling the linkage of gauges together.

The EVO series digital gauges have transparent lenses and black housing. The brightness of the backlighting can be adjusted and backlighting colors are offered in two combinations, red/blue and white/green. Other features include a Japanese stepper motor movement, easy installation using pin-style wiring, and Power Daisy Chain System enabling the linkage of gauges together.

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