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Suspension Parts, Steering Parts, Ball Joint, Tie Rod End…

The ISO 9001:2000-certified Sloop Spare Parts Mfg. Co., Ltd. founded in 1984, is a veteran manufacturer of a range of high-quality aftermarket (AM) automotive steering & suspension parts, including mainly Tie Rod End, Rack End, Side Rod Assembly, Ball Joint, Center Link, Cross Rod, Stabilizer Link, Idler Arm, Drag Link, and Pitman Arm.

The products are marketed under the brand "SLOOP" and are highly popular globally, especially in the Middle East, Latin America, Europe and Africa, due to the company's long-held reputation for quality, precision, prompt delivery, comprehensive product range, and competitive prices. In recent years, Sloop has been aggressively developing sales also in the U.S. and the South East.

Originally the maker concentrated on parts for Japanese & Korean cars, eventually becoming one of the most comprehensive suppliers in the field. The company has been more recently moving upmarket by investing more resources to develop new production technologies and materials, and promote higher-end products of aluminum alloy.

In its upgrading program, Sloop has broadened its product line to cover parts for top-end brands as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, showing its superior manufacturing capacity.

To maintain and strengthen advantages derived from offering wide-ranging products, the company develops, launches dozens of new items yearly, with particular attention paid to meeting customer's needs and marketability.

Sloop claims to adopt only the best materials and highest OE (original equipment ) standards to ensure product safety, reliability, and durability.

In addition to making products for sale under its own SLOOP brand, the company also takes OEM/ODM orders which are filled to the strictest specifications. Buyers are always assured of quality and satisfied of ordering products under their own or OEM brands.

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