Heavy-duty CNC lathes, machining centers, big-bore oil field lathes

CNC-TAKANG Co., Ltd., established in 1994, has ample expertise in development and production of heavy-duty/high-torque/full-power-output CNC lathes and vertical/horizontal/double-column machining centers.

The maker mainly offers conventional lathes, CNC lathes (flat & slant bed), double spindle & double turret CNC lathes, CNC vertical lathes, vertical machining center, high-speed vertical machining centers, double-column machining centers, five-axis machining centers, high-torque heavy duty CNC lathes, and big-bore oil field lathes, etc.

The main features of the heavy-duty CNC lathe LC & LD series include box slide way for X axis (cross slide), four-step spindle speed, high-rigidity headstock and gears with width range speed ratio, high spindle torque and power even at low spindle speed, high-rigidity machine bed, hydraulic tailstock with rotating quill for higher rigidity support, and front + rear filing conveyor, with JIS or DIN standard accuracy.

The maker’s output is made up of 80% CNC lathes, also claiming outstanding sales over the past few years, in-house technologies to turn out high-value-added machine tools, which has helped to build sound reputation in Taiwan and abroad.

President Wilson Leou says his company has invested heavily in testing and inspection equipment as well as R&D to ensure high product quality at its plant in the Taichung Industrial Park, Taichung City, central Taiwan. He also states that Taiwan’s machining center sector has the advantage of being able to turn out larger double-column machining centers, which will replace traditional C-type machining center in the foreseeable future.

The maker exports most of its output to China, Southeast Asia, the U.S., Canada, and European Union, with the remainder sold in Taiwan.

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