Ying Zhen Auto Parts Co., Ltd.


Converted iron pipes, cold metal pipes, and parts for all types of car and motorcycles

Ying Zhen Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Started out in 1981 as a contract manufacturer and has grown into a top supplier of high-quality, high-precision auto and motorcycle parts that are marketed globally under the company’s own "GN" brand. The products are especially popular in Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

Currently, Ying Zhen supplies several major product categories, including iron pipes, stainless steel pipes, and related processing for all kinds of auto and motorcycle parts such as pins, fuel filters, handlebars, air nozzles, and front forks.

Thanks to its quality products and outstanding services, the company has earned the appreciation and trust of customers worldwide and is now recognized as one of the most reputable suppliers of its kind. "Quality is life," Yin Zhen stresses. "Through the management and upgrading of quality, we are able to reach our targets by reducing production costs and sharing the gains with our clients."

To keep up with market trends and the needs of its customers, Ying Zhen pours money constantly into the installation of the latest and most advanced manufacturing and testing equipment in its factory. It also devotes a large amount of resources to an ongoing stream of R&D projects.

The company says that it encourages all of its employees to be dedicated, honest, and confident. Its ultimate objective, Ying Zhen claims, is the reduction of costs and the sharing of benefits with its customers.

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