Chueng Shine Co., Ltd.


Office chairs and desks

Founded in 1981, Chueng Shine Co., Ltd. has grown into a leading Taiwanese maker of OA furniture with a catalog that encompasses a wide range of seating and desk products. Today the company concentrates on the development of innovative and highly functional products for the global market.

Chueng Shine started out as a processor of hardware products and later on transformed itself into an OA chair maker. In the quest for market niche in the world arena, the company has worked constantly to enhance its manufacturing technology and roll out quality-guaranteed products.

The company’s integrated factory in southern Taiwan turns out products with a local-content rate of more than 70%. It handles all critical manufacturing processes in-house, including iron and steel shearing, forming, and processing.

To comply with environmental requirements, the company subcontracts highly polluting processes such as electroplating and paint-spraying to supporting factories that have their own pollution-control facilities. “All of the products we make are recyclable and can be reused in compliance with the environmental-protection regulations adopted by the industrially advanced nations,” stresses a senior Chueng Shine official.

The company boasts ISO-9002 and ISO-9001:2000 certification, thanks to its constant efforts to upgrade processes for manufacturing high-quality products. In line with its focus on high quality, the company has invested in sophisticated equipment and automated production machinery. All of its products are carefully manufactured and inspected by skilled and experienced workers.

Chueng Shine has won numerous patents in Japan, the U.S., and Europe. Most of its products are made to its own design, with only a minor proportion being turned out on an OEM basis. The company is committed to offering the best of services to its clients, and welcomes any orders and inquires.

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